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La guerra fredda hi-tech

Non sappiamo ancora l’esito del braccio di ferro commerciale fra l’Amministrazione Trump e il regime di Xi Jinping. Per ora il negoziato va avanti, sotto l’ombrello di una tregua sui dazi che durerà sino a marzo. L’America vede ormai…

China’s information war

While control over the internet on a domestic level is tight, around the world, China has launched an information offensive. By using the state media, Xi Jinping has vastly increased his country’s presence on international platforms. His…

Digital power and democracy

We live in a society that revolves around data. The use of digital data is so all-pervasive, particularly (though not only) in the more industrially-advanced economies, that it has spawned a new ecosystem: the uninterrupted flow of digital…

News today: an existential challenge

The days of a vertical hierarchy in news media are over, swept aside by an exciting but unquestionably chaotic breed of horizontal peer-to-peer communications – a form of journalism by smartphone where the rules governing traditional news…


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